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Systemic Constellation Workshop

  • 1006 Fryar Ave; Suite B-2 Sumner, WA USA (map)

When you change your patterns, you will change your life and bring your Best & Highest Self into abundant manifestation. 

Constellations change patterns at their very root. Many of your more stubborn patterns did not originate in your lifetime or your conscious experience: They are rooted in the generations, history and culture that has come before you.

Here's How Constellations Work:

  1. Set a clear intention for what you desire (not what you think the problem is).
  2. Choose Representatives who are not you (helpful, talented, stunningly intuitive, but very regular people).
  3. Sit and watch while the truest roots of your issue are revealed, discovered, unblocked and then simply removed, like large rocks being cherry-picked out of your river and restoring it to perfect and powerful flow.


  • Personal Constellations are set by reservation (limited to 3 per workshop) Cost is $160 and requires pre-registration
  • $75 to attend and participate (lots of personal work gets done as you stand in the group process with others)
  • $25 for first time participants and for those who bring a first time participant
Pay For & Reserve Your Seat
Earlier Event: May 7
Systemic Constellation Workshop
Later Event: September 10
Systemic Constellation Workshop