Yvonne Bryght is a counselor, coach and writer based out of Sumner, Washington.

She facilitates an intuitive and empathic process which opens the stream of communication between individuals and the systems they reside in.

Wearing her professional experience and training as time-tested oven mitts, her therapeutic processes have what it takes to bake white-hot truth into her client’s’ experience, resulting in a richer life experience — healing, growing, advancing and enlightening at the personal, familial, generational and cultural levels to bring wholeness to the individual.

Her process is simple, ingenious and nearly magical in its ability to clear blocks, restore the flow of pure heart energy and manifest the individual’s deepest and truest intentions for their relationships and life work.

Her work is about changing patterns and memories at the cellular level in order to create new neural pathways and new expectations for joy, a blissful path, loving connections and material abundance.

She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her Master’s Degree from Bastyr University is in Systems Theory.

Bryght does not treat the individual as the problem but addresses the health of the entire system–including family, organizational and cultural systems.

She works best with…

  • Action-oriented, solution-seekers
  • Artists, Writers, Teachers, Business Owners, and more…
  • Sacred Sexuality for Individuals, Couples, and those ready to address their core systemic needs
  • Groups, Teams, and Organizations in need of evolutionary change

Her work uses experience and training in the fields of…

  • Connection with the Ancestors and the metaphysical realm and Intentional Ritual
  • Family & Systemic Constellations
  • Business & Organizational Constellations
  • Shamanism
  • Astrology
  • Guided Imagery
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Tarot
  • Developmental Psychology

Her clients and workshop attendees say...


“My gratitude for Yvonne and the work we have done together is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.” - group therapy participant
“[My work with Yvonne] has saved my life in so many different ways. She works with so much passion and understanding. She has really led me, pushed me and pulled me to so much freedom in my life today!” - workshop attendee
“I have participated in work with Yvonne in one-on-one sessions, weekly group therapy, and constellation workshops and I can say without hesitation, it is the best and most important work I have done in my life.” - workshop attendee
“After my divorce I was a wreck. Having a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for therapists and counselors, I spent a year and a half on a search for someone whom I would truly benefit from seeing. I wanted someone who was willing to think outside the box, or at least understand the way I did, and I was not interested in being pigeon holed or lumped into any category of diagnosis. Yvonne was recommended to me by a trusted and dear friend, so I decided to give it a try. In my very first session, I could tell that this woman saw beyond the scripts, both my own and that of textbook psychology.  Her instincts, intuition, and wisdom, in addition to her extensive training, set her apart in her field.  I am immensely grateful for the time I have spent and will continue to spend working with, learning from, and healing through the careful collaborative guidance of Yvonne.” - individual client

Letters from Me To My Clients...