Sacred Sexuality 90-Day Immersion

Pre-Launch Questionnaire

To be completed before our next session.

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What's Holding You Back?
What do you feel (intuitively or logically) is holding you back (up to now) from reaching these goals and aspirations?
These can be traumas or simple, daily ways of being in your family of origin, including birth issues.
These can include “moral” training or ideas about marriage and love.
Your Sexuality
Objectively assess your sexuality (this is a lot like assessing your own driving; most of us think we’re pretty darned good at it). You don’t need to go into graphic detail or tell a long chronological story. Just think about the following and give me a sentence or two that sums up what you notice:
Include early childhood memories (3 year olds are highly orgasmic and very sensual), adolescent thoughts, feelings, yearnings and experiences with others, pornography, voyeurism, “playing doctor” etc.)
(This might or might not include intercourse.)
Remember sex and sexuality issues are never just about sex.