Relationships Fuck Up Sex.

How to Have the Best (Sex) Life You Never Thought You'd Get...

Maybe there's something wrong with your sex drive...

  • "There's something wrong with me. I love my partner. I'm a terrible partner. My sex drive is way too low."
  • "I'm not good enough for my partner. My relationship problems are my fault."
  • "Sometimes I just have sex because it puts him in a better mood. I should want to have sex, but I just don't."
  • "My partner is sooo hungry for more sex, but I don't have the energy for sex at the end of the day."
  • "I have nothing left to give my partner in the bedroom."

Maybe there's nothing wrong with your sex drive...

  • "They just don't want sex." 
  • "It seems logical to me that I would just get sex somewhere else, since I'm not going to get it at home." 
  • "I bought her lingerie and she didn't wear it. I'm fit, I work out, they just don't want sex."
  • "There's something wrong with them or I just have a really high sex drive."
  • "I have no problem getting attention from my co-workers or random strangers, but my partner just won't reciprocate!"

Maybe you're still single & thinking...

  • "I can't find the one I want. The people I'm interested in don't respond to me."
  • "My online profile must be wrong because I'm not attracting anyone."
  • "I should probably lose/gain some weight. If only I could exercise and eat right, then I would find love."
  • "If only ____ then I would find love."

Maybe your relationship has reached that critical moment...

  • "We never have sex anymore. We don't have any time together."
  • "One of us is on the verge of leaving the partnerships. We're constantly unhappy. Neither of us is happy."
  • "There's just no time for us to be intimate. We've completely lost passion for each other."

Everybody has sex problems.

Nobody doesn't. There are no exceptions.


When we come together in a relationship with someone, especially mated/partnered relationships, sex problems trigger each other and create what everyone 'thinks' are relationship problems. But there is nothing wrong with your relationship. Here's what I mean... 

As humans, we work out all our deepest needs in three areas: Money, Sex, & Power. If you have any problem, it will be sourced from one of those three arenas. But let me be clear: money, sex, and power are not the problem. Those are simply the places where our real problems finally get our attention.

 When you immerse yourself in the work of Sacred Sexuality...

  1. your business will run better
  2. your money problems will straighten out
  3. your relationships with your kids will ease up
  4. you ability to exercise and eat right will improve

Your sexuality is an incredibly intensified area of life which means that before you cure your sex problems, you will naturally improve everything else in your life too. 

I uncovered this really simple, yet highly potent immersion system because I was desperate

About 20 years ago, I found myself grasping at straws trying to save my own monogamous partnership. What I discovered worked so well that I began to field-test it on a couple of my partnered clients about 5 years later and ever since. 

As a psychotherapist & mentor I work with families, couples, business, and organizations to unlock repeating patterns and restore "the flow." 

Clients who work with me see their happiness and sex-lives drastically improve. But even before the areas around sex click in, every other area of my clients' life improve. Every. Single. Time.

Sacred Sexuality Immersion Program

with Yvonne Bryght


She’s a therapy goddess. Our work together saved my marriage.
— previous client

Using your sex issues as a queue...

  • together we will unlock repeating patterns to restore "the flow" in your life. 
  • we will bring equilibrium to the systems at work within your life.  
  • you'll learn how to take ownership and release responsibility.
  • you'll find your way happily.

You'll know what you want. You'll know what you need. & You'll know how to get it. 

Not only will you get an immensely greater pleasure with your partner, but you'll also learn the tools to discover what to do next time you feel stuck, even after we finish working together.

Our sessions will produce...

  • tailored steps to focus your effort
  • assignments to help strategize
  • homework to solve your roadblocks
  • keys to unlock secrets of the greatest sex in your life

Working with me, you'll also get... 

  • an easier flowing business and career
  • better relationship with co-workers
  • easier flowing financial ease.
  • enjoyment and fulfillment of your life 

90-Day Program

  • 2-hour launch session via Skype or phone
  • 9 transformation sessions via Skype or phone
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to my Sacred Sexuality Resource Library

180-Day Program

  • 2-hour launch session via Skype or phone
  • 18 transformation sessions via Skype or phone
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to my Sacred Sexuality Resource Library

Many of my clients have (re)discovered their soulmate & true partner because of our work together.

I've witnessed multiple clients break decades-old bad love habits and confidently step into relationships with the love of their life. (In fact, I just attended a wedding in Maui for one of the coolest couples I know!)


I want to help you & my calendar fills up really fast. 

Once you submit your application, we'll have a interview phone call. This phone call is free, no payment info is required to schedule it. Together, we'll decide if you're ready for the work. If you are, then you'll choose your level of immersion (90 or 180 days.)

We will schedule a 2-hour launch session (skype, phone) and each month,  you'll get three 45-min Transformation sessions per month (18 sessions or 9 sessions total).

You'll also get unlimited email support from me and access to my Sacred Sexuality Resource Library - together these are invaluable!


The Greatest Sex of Your Life is Waiting...